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Hi There! Here's my story.

An entrepreneur, writer, and creative doer and shaker dedicated to helping you shake things up and see marketing from a different vibration to move your business and the impact you make to a whole new level.

John Doe

My Story

One week I got an unexpected raise from a long-term client. Two weeks later, I lost the contract. Then another... and another... as the pandemic quickly shut the world down.

It was time for a change. After jumping into over 32 virtual challenges, masterclasses, and webinars, I joined an amazing year-long business mentorship program.

I heard hundreds of talented growing and soon-to-be entrepreneurs talk about their businesses only to find it wasn’t quite the right fit. Others struggled with being consistent and wondered why. Plenty of others thought they lacked creativity. And I was among them with similar head talk.

Many experts say to just follow the system and you’ll be a success. But not many tell you why you have these thoughts and feelings in the first place.  

That's when I decided to bring back my 7 Stage Customer CENTERED Blueprint that I created eight years ago. In the mentorship, I was guided to simplify it and stick with what I knew to get the fastest results.

You see, my career spans 20+ years in corporate with customers like Coca-Cola, Gillette, and Warner Brothers. Through the years, I assisted in four startups.

The second startup included one of the first 3D Package Design Studios in the country at a printing company. I had to quickly stand out with confidence.

Why? because Playtex Products was one of my first clients. The very first thing I had to do was to earn their trust. In the end, we redesigned the entire Jhirmack line of hair care products digitally and displayed them on a 3D store shelf.

For the past nine+ years, I've been working in my own content marketing business with small to Fortune 500 technology companies. One of my clients was the startup of the digital publication, Customer Engagement Magazine. Simplicity, creativity and clarity were essential to growing. It became number 17 out of 350 magazines in Business and Investing.

It's all very memorable, but I'm still trading my time for money. In some cases, it can also stifle my creativity when I need to follow strict guidelines.

The thing is, I didn't want to stick with what I knew...

I wanted a change. To stop trading my time for money. Work with more people that would be open to "out-of-the-box" thinking and with real-world strategies. And be creative without so many limits while we impact more lives.

Sometimes the fastest results aren't the lasting results.

What I really wanted was more freedom. TMI Freedom. (No, not Too Much Information) More Time. More Money. Greater Impact.

So, I re-evaluated my direction.

To be honest, being a woman in the heart of the tech world, working with many "firsts" and "one-of-a-kinds," isn't easy. But I’ve experienced true innovation, real-world value, and customer relationships in a whole new light!  

Patterns, dots, and trends matter.

I found myself sifting through all the patterns, connecting the dots from the last three decades, and looking at the current trends. And what rose to the top is now a new and improved Marketing Ecosystem.

This new and improved blueprint is Less Complicated. More Human. Very Memorable. And mixed with a little FUN!

Can't have a business without a little fun. Did I mention that I have a passion for organic dark chocolate, walks on the beach along the ocean, putting my own spin on recipes, and trying almost anything creative.

Are you ready to take your business and your life to a new level? Then take my Quiz, "What's Your #1 'Marketing Genius' for Attracting Clients?"

After the quiz, you'll start off with a magical video ride, a free report on your results, and I'll see you on the other side.

Here's to your #1 Marketing Genius,

Deb Monfette

My Vision, Mission, and Message

"F.E.E.D yourself first with Flow, Ease, and an Experience that Delights! And tell yourself every day… I Matter! "

🐆 🕷️ 🐘

My Mission

To help people see marketing from a
different vibration.

Less Complicated. More Human.
Very Memorable.

My Vision

SIMPLIFY marketing through The Magic of MAM ~ “Marketing Animal Magnetism”.
From marketing based on your
#1 “Marketing Genius,”
to How People Think,
and The Sticky Feelings Factor.

It all starts with YOU!

My Message

Before you can help others, you need to feel really good about what you're doing and why you're doing it.

(Especially when life veers you off your path...)  

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Women can do everything.

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What They Say

"It’s actually a whole messaging process on a much higher level.
It was unlike anything we’ve experienced. This was a game changer for us.
So, thank you, Deb!"

Scott & Julie Ducker ~ Founders
Live Simply Abundant

I love Deb’s content strategies and mindset. She doesn't just say the same thing as everyone else.
Her approach is very refreshing and a game changer for entrepreneurs , especially creatives, of any size."

Rebecca Rueth ~ Founder, Rebecca Rueth Art & Design, & Biz Tips for Creatives

"Irresistible Content is an excellent framework for developing and executing an effective content marketing strategy. Deb is very creative at developing engaging ideas."

Ed Gandia ~ Founder High Income Business Writing

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